Say What?

I bought a new bra today at a shop in our local mall. As I paid for it, the sales clerk asked me if I wanted it in a bag. Really? It wasn’t as if I was carrying any bags from other stores. I only had my purse. Was I supposed to cram my bra inside my handbag?

Maybe I should’ve said “no bag necessary,” and just strolled around Governor’s Square Mall carrying my new bra. I could’ve draped it around my neck and used it as a scarf, I suppose. Or maybe I could’ve worn it as a belt. How about as a hat? I could call it a branet–like a bonnet, only with cups and straps.

Hey, here’s a purse made out of a bra!

Instead I told her that I did indeed need a bag for my purchase. I guess I’m no trendsetter.

This all made me think of a specific Seinfeld episode:

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

17 thoughts on “Say What?”

  1. That is pretty weird that she would ask you about a bag for that item- hmmm
    And I went to an art show last year where they had bras in mixed media displays / not my fav art – but was creative

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  2. we have not had bags with purchases in Scotland for a long while. You have your own or you buy one and it all to cut down on plastic bag usage and disposal of here. The real worry here is not the bags, it is what has happened to bras. I kid you not. I would not let the dudes even begin to blog that one….

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      1. Ha ha. Nothing that exciting, I just wondered if this was what you were going to talk about. Well I needed some new ones. I tend to buy a ton at a go and that’s it for a while so I hadn’t bought any for a bit. ANyway, we thought we would nip along from a play rehearsal to the Overgate which is the city’s shopping ‘mall’ and I would head to Primark cos it’s cheap and ok and the Mr would go get other stuff and we would meet up. Well plainly bras had changed entirely since I last bought one. There were t. shirt bras, and mind bras and min bras and cupless bras and you name it. Nowt so simple as a two strapped bra. Or bra and pants set. Nor was I the only one bemused. The aisles were full of women just like me walking round and round trying to look as if they were no stranger to these strange things. Meantime I am thinking the MR will think I’ve ben kidnapped. Eventually I bought one and cleared out. When we were in York I checked out Primark there and it was all normal…

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  3. My daughter and I have a crafting philosophy that involves repurposing fabric that would have either taken up space in someone’s (our) cupboard or ended up in landfill. I have a collection of re usable shopping bags of different sizes and styles that fold up into my handbag. When I started using them I had to be fast to tell the shop assistant that I didn’t want their plastic bag because before I knew it they passed it to me. These days I just get out my bag and it all seems normal. I even get compliments on them!!

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