No, I didn’t misspell the word Doppelgänger, but I might have just invented a new word.

Noppelgänger (Nōp-ul-gäng-ur) n. a term used to describe someone who reminds you of someone else even if they look absolutely nothing like that person.

My dad was a bit over six feet tall, Caucasian, with sandy brown hair. So why did the 5’5″ tall, dark haired Asian man walking across a shopping center parking lot remind me so much of my daddy that I sat in my car and cried?

Was it the striped golf shirt he wore? Was it his sauntering walk? Was it the fond smile he offered a young family he passed on the sidewalk? Maybe all those things. Or maybe, I just missed my daddy.

Call your dad today if you can. Tell him you love him.

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “Noppelgänger.”

  1. I LOVE your new word, Leslie! I wish I could call my Dad. He died young – he was only 60. I have missed him everyday for the 37 years he’s been gone. But it was losing him that got me started in writing. Take care. I am glad your are writing about your Dad. It helps.

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    1. My mom died when she was just shy of 56. My dad made it to 72. He lived with us for three wonderful years before lung disease got the best of him. He’s been gone for a decade now. Some days it seems like he’s just sitting in another room watching tv.

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  2. My 97 year old dad passed away earlier this year. I have been missing him for many years though as I live 12000 miles away from the country of my birth. However, he is still here with me, and I see him everywhere, in the gait of someone else or on tv with an ageing presenter. I treasure the moments.

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