A Fashion Fine Line

My clothing needs are simple most of the time. If I have a couple of pairs of jeans and/or capris that fit me, enough shirts to get me through a week without having to do laundry, and appropriate footwear for the season, I’m good to go. Occasionally, though, like now, I require something for a special occasion.

When I was younger, it was easy to find a cocktail dress for an evening out. The problem then was finding the money to buy it. Now that I have the money, my body nixes just about any dress that I find appealing, and every outfit I’ve tried on is either too hoochie coochie-ish or too funereal. I look like I’m either trying to get picked up or have already been put down.

I’m not panicking yet. The upcoming event is still several weeks away. And I did find one outfit I really liked. What do y’all think?

Peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

56 thoughts on “A Fashion Fine Line”

  1. My granddaughters, who are dress girls all the way, have recently begun asking over and over why I don’t ever wear dresses, or even why older pictures of me don’t show me wearing a dress. I’ve tried to explain the various reasons in terms they might understand, without dwelling on the 60-year-old body image issue and have finally given up. My latest response to them: “would you really want me to wear a dress and roll around on the floor with you (which I do sometimes) with my underpants showing? They decided that image was to horrendous to contemplate and haven’t asked about dresses since 😉

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  2. All bar the shoes, I quite like the second outfit. I always like black when it comes to cocktail dresses, but, like you, I have little need of this little number these days.

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