How I Spent My Week

  • Around 8:30 on Thursday night I realized I had written nothing for the blog for Friday. There wasn’t even a decent draft to polish up for my readers. So, I’m taking the easy way out and giving a recap of my week.
    • Sunday afternoon Studly Doright and I went to see Alpha. We both enjoyed it, but had a lengthy discussion about whether the characters were computer generated or not. We refuse to google it.
    • Monday was a beach day since Studly had to travel for work. It was wonderful day, and I returned to Doright Manor refreshed and slightly sunburned. I also slept well even though Studly was gone.
    • On Tuesday I went to see Crazy Rich Asians at at a theater in Tallahassee. It’s a fun romantic comedy that made me desperately long for a trip to Singapore.
    • Wednesday was spent doing household chores and followed by shopping for an after five dress for an upcoming special occasion. I was unsuccessful, so the search will continue.
    • On Thursday I made a second foray into Tallahassee. I stopped by the Aveda Institute and took advantage of their customer appreciation day, booking several spa appointments for future dates. I ate lunch at Newk’s and then in the evening I hosted a Meetup group at the Wine Loft in Tallahasse. It was fun! Now that I’ve gotten to know some of these ladies better we’ve begun letting our hair down a bit. We got a little silly.
    • Tomorrow (Friday) I’m having a facial at Aveda, and who knows what’ll happen next? Maybe a nap….

    I might be a bit spoiled, but I am worth it.

    Peace, people

    Author: nananoyz

    I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

    36 thoughts on “How I Spent My Week”

        1. I feel guilty some days because Studly has y gotten to retire yet and he has a stressful job. I just try to keep things less stressful for him when he gets home. I guess that’s my main job.

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    1. You sure are, worth it! I seen that spa in a city next to mine. Not sure how pricey they’re but I’ll have to check their website later. Hope you have a Great weekend!

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    2. Not they’re… but they are… Sorry about that, My puppy decided he was going to swallow the tooth he just lost as I was trying to spell the word and getting that tooth out of his mouth, Lol

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    3. Ohhhhh that sounds like a really good weeekkkkkk!!!! Good for you! When I look at mine, filled with tests and studies, I suddenly want to skip through everything else and become the retired me with a husband and (just) one cat. 😝😝

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      1. I remember those days! I went back to school when my children were young, and it seemed like I’d never finish and that they’d never grow up. There are times that I’d swap this last week for those crazy days. Maybe.

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        1. Really? I don’t know if I would want to swap your time of life with mine. Where you are in life, everything is so – sure – that’s it makes me rather envious of you. 😛 What I wouldn’t give for that kind of surety?!

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        2. Well, I suppose the energy is pretty cool just about now. But I bet that’s the only thing you miss, right? What else is there to miss about my now? The uncertainty, the constant worry; it’s like a huge mess.

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