Wedding at Hobbitenango

I didn’t get to attend the royal wedding. Perhaps my invitation was lost in the mail. However, I did get to attend a wedding in Guatemala several years ago. That’s pretty near the same thing.

Praying for Eyebrowz

Those who read my blog posts on a regular basis (God bless you faithful few) know that I’ve been in Antigua, Guatemala, these past few days to celebrate the marriage of my beautiful niece Hanna and her handsome beau, Beto.

On Friday, April 11, family, friends, and a handful of complete strangers joined Beto and Hanna on a mountain far above Antigua for one of the most joyous occasions I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.

The bride. 😊 Her dad is the proud-looking man just behind Hanna.

Cutting the wedding cake never looked quite so romantic before.

Mother of the bride, Hanna, Father of the bride and lovely niece Lauren.

My gorgeous niece, Claire, sister of the bride.

This is me standing in the doorway of Hobbitenango.

Hobbitenangois a tavern and hostel owned by my new nephew and his business partners. The buildings that make up Hobbitenango are…

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

4 thoughts on “Wedding at Hobbitenango”

  1. The only thing that matters is love! I’m sure my wedding will not be nearly as glamorous as the royal one, but it will be filled with love 🙂 And thank goodness we won’t have all the paparazzi there!!

    Those are beautiful pics and your niece’s dress is gorgeous.

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