A New-to-Me Wine and Lucky’s Market

I’ve taken a bit of a wine break these past couple of weeks. The colder weather has been more conducive to hot teas and hot chocolate. Today, though, I was shopping at Lucky’s Market (a gem of a store) in Tallahassee and discovered a wine that seemed to call my name.

I like the Apothic red blends, but the aging in whiskey barrel gimmick was new to me and worth a try. The verdict? It’s smoky and deep and silky smooth. I might have found a new favorite.

More about Lucky’s–think Trader Joe’s without the hype, or Whole Foods without the hipsters. Lucky’s is no-nonsense, healthy foods, lots of products in bulk, a meat and seafood department that looks divine, and a section of beer and wine to rival any store in the area. I love their selection of local honeys and have been taking a tablespoon of raw honey a day as a defense against my allergies.

Please note I receive no compensation for this review. As usual I’m just sharing interesting and perhaps helpful information with my readers. Money? What’s that?

Do you have a favorite local shop? What makes it your favorite?

Have a wonderful day, and now more than ever, peace, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

35 thoughts on “A New-to-Me Wine and Lucky’s Market”

      1. That sounds a tremendous idea. Quality California wines are wines one has to seek out rather than chance upon in these parts. Cheaper stock…I’m guessing the ones you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole in the US…are easy to find in supermarkets. They are very drinkable if overly fruity, lacking that all important dryness. Labels tell interesting tales. Go for it.

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      2. France is the place for value for money wines, especially so red wine. I’m off shopping there in a couple of weeks time once more (I have to keep my racks full!). Generally I watch what the locals are buying – The French are rather fussy about their wine – and follow their lead. On many occasions I’ve picked up gems at little more than 3 euro a bottle. Wine prices in the UK are ridulously high as our ‘wonderful’ government add a tax that is an insult to sensible wine drinkers.

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      3. For ‘one day only’ shopping trips we visit Cite Europe in Calais, sometimes the old town sector of Boulogne, having first slipped into Belgium for chocolate, beers and other interesting things. As to holidaying, just about anywhere we fancy. We tend to drive all over the place, the Ardennes region being a present favourite…the cheese and breads there are sublime and from there the clincally ‘nice’ Luxemberg is just a cricket ball throw away. I dread the nightmare of Brexit when ease of travel in Europe for ‘Brits’ – I deny my Bitishness presently – will die and within a decade history will repeat itself and Western Europe will be once more ripe for war as nations fall apart and a ‘once we were great’ – a lie if ever there was one – Britain stirs a dangerous cauldron. Where was I? Wine…that’s where we go for out wine! Sorry I got side tracked young Leslie.

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      4. It’s difficult to NOT get sidetracked these days. Our heads of state are playing serious games.
        Now, if you ever go to Tourves, I have a friend from high school who lives there with his husband. They are terrific men and I think you’d all get along famously. Just let me know and I can connect you all on FB.

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      5. Seriously south. I imagine it must be perfection on a stick. Shirley knows that area far better than I do. It sounds wonderful, I shall mention it to her. Did you know that when the French have a riot they still manage to take that all-important lunch break. The late 1960’s student riots in Paris were a classic example. Each morn for weeks the riot kicked off just after breakfast, then come that very important long lunch time the French treasure so much twixt 12.30 and 2.30pm the riot would cease, only to start once more at 2.31pm (true).

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  1. We have several choices around my location: Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, and Fresh Market. You are probably familiar with all of them. I love them each for different reasons and visit them at least once a month. As far as wine, the red blends are my favorite. I have not tried the one you featured, but I will look for it. Ancient Roots – another red blend you can get from Total Wine, is very cheap, and I really like it! We did a wine tasting at my book club over the holidays and it won the taste test.

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  2. I’m going to try this “whiskey barrel gimmick” red, the same night I have some bourbon that has been aged at sea, and then ask Alexa to play Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys via Spotify, on a tablet wired to analogue speakers, because I’ve got the “blues”, yet again, due to the closing of Hot Doug’s. Seriously.

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    1. Sounds like a plan. Oh, I grew up not too far from Turkey, TX where Mr. Wills was born, or at least raised. My parents revered him, and I grew to appreciate his music once I got out of my years of teen angst.

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  3. Lucky’s sounds like my kind of place. Whole Foods without the hipsters. That put a grin on my face.

    I go in phases with red vs white. Right now, reds seem to be fanning my hot flash flames: one reason Inferno doesn’t immediately jump out as a great choice! I’m, generally, not a big fan of the Apothic wines, but if you poured a glass for me, I wouldn’t turn you down. It’s important to be open to new things, afterall.

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      1. Right now (so close to the full moon and the sleeplessness that brings), I’m just tired of being tired. If that means I have to suffer through a few more glasses of white wine, so be it!

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  4. I was a wine drinker since….ummm….seven! Accidentally I drank grandmas heavenly raspberry juice and got hooked! Now really, but I do love a glass of a good wine. I recently discovered, that I can make my own in ly own kitchen in less time! Happy me! 🙂

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