Hallmark Channel

An oldie, but I’m sitting here watching a sappy Hallmark movie….

Praying for Eyebrowz

I have become addicted to the sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Somebody please help me.

I’m not kidding. Even as I type I’m watching A Heavenly Christmas starring Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) and Eric McCormack (Will and Grace). Some of the films are good, like this one. Some are predictable. Others are pretty awful. But they all have one thing in common–they’re all about the good things about Christmas. You know: peace, love, and hope.

Now, don’t tell anyone, but I’m even hooked on the advertisements on the Hallmark Channel. Maybe I’m getting in touch with my softer side.

Peace, people.

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

7 thoughts on “Hallmark Channel”

  1. It’s not the movie, it’s the message we all (most all) want to believe. As silly as these mostly predictable movies go, there is an important message. We all know what truly matters but ignore it most of the time. Reminders do help even the bah humbug crew. A little syrup may actually do us some good.


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