Isn’t Trump Ironic? just keeps hitting home runs.

A lot from Lydia

Donald Trump is full of ironies. He has long been known to rely on the old trick, attributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels— “Accuse others of that which you are guilty.” I can not find any confirmation that Goebbels actually said that, although it was a tactic Nazis readily used. It is also a tactic often used by four years olds, Donald J Trump included.

This week New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand asked Donald Trump to resign, because of the string of sexual misconduct accusations against him. She was among the first female senate Democrats who successfully called for the resignation of Minnesota Senate Democrat Al Franken, after groping allegations were made against him. While Trump was vocal in his agreement that Franken should resign, he is not so easy to persuade to resign himself, even though the allegations against him are of a more violent nature, and made by…

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