The Christmas cards Facebook banned

Notes from the U.K.

A British artist’s Christmas cards were recently banned from Facebook for having “adult content.”

Adult content? That’s prude-speak for sex.

The banned cards showed a robin, a stag, and a squirrel, none of them doing anything unconventional for Christmas cards, although in fairness these are creatures who, in the normal course of their lives will either have sex or at least try to.

So why the ban? The artist says didn’t even describe the robin as being a red[gasp]breast, just a robin. She’s tried to get Facebook to reconsider but you can pretty well guess how well that’s worked.

It could be that the decision-making algorithm looked at some of her other cards. One reads, “No / Fucking / Ho.” But that’s not the one she was promoting, Still, thought the algorithm, There’s got to be something wrong with that robin.

The artist has a disabled husband and…

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

7 thoughts on “The Christmas cards Facebook banned”

  1. Bloody nanny state……….I have no idea WHY? Facebook is becoming so prudish. Seriously it’s becoming a joke, one of the chain stores here in Australia decided to stop labeling their Fake Christmas Trees as Christmas Trees and just label them as Pine Tree or whatever, because they didn’t wont to offend their Non Christian Customers, are Jews, Muslims and Hindu (plus whoever else I have not mentioned) going to buy a Christmas Tree anyway? Seriously what is the point? There was a huge outcry and they now have the wording put back I beleive.

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