If He Could Pick One Day Not to Be Donald Trump– This Might Be It…

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There will doubtless be worse days for Trump in future. To sum up my favorite parts of today…for those not watching news 24/7:

Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates turned out to be Bob Mueller’s mystery dates. Both entered not guilty pleas.
Both were released after: posting bond–Manafort $10 million, Gates $5 million, and relinquishing their passports…but they were not not really released. They were placed on “house arrest.”

*Just a side note to the FBI from a mother of three–Every 18 year old has a fake drivers licence, based on that fact alone, I would think Paul Manafort could get a fake passport.

There are reports claiming the no knock middle of the night raid on Manafort’s home, back in July, afforded the FBI information they needed– documents he had told the DOJ did not exist– regarding his lobbying campaign on behalf of a Ukrainian political party, aligned…

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