Bucolic Wonderings

I had to get some extra keys made for Doright Manor yesterday, so I drove over to Home Depot in Tallahassee. After paying for the keys I wandered in the direction of the garden section to dream about plants I could buy and eventually kill. I don’t exactly murder plants, but those in my care don’t have much of a chance at longevity.

Before I made it to the plants, though, I found this beauty.

It’s a double decker chicken coop, and the moment I saw it I fell in love with the idea of having a couple of chickens.

I’d name them Laverne and Shirley and I’d watch the pair strut around their little coop, clucking contentedly. I’d read to them excerpts from The Little Red Hen, and Chicken Little. I’d sing “The Farmer in the Dell,” and make up other songs featuring chickens. “Oh Chicken, My Chicken” comes to mind as a possible title. We’d be so happy in our bucolic paradise.

But reality set in and I knew I’d end up resenting Lavern and Shirley. They’d be dependent on me, insisting that I stay home and clean the coop when I wanted to go to a movie or for a spa day. Their once charming clucking would soon seem strident and accusatory.

“You never take us anywhere!” They’d complain. And they’d be right. Chickens just aren’t good shopping companions.

So I shook off the idea of chicken ownership and went on back to the plants. So, do I want to eventually kill a ficus or a rose bush? Decisions, decisions.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “Bucolic Wonderings”

  1. Funny, I was in Home Depot yesterday,but oddly,the one in Manhattan doesn’t have a chicken coop section….oh, can I tell you when I looked at the picture I thought it was a funky loft dollhouse, which I guess in an odd sense it is……and another FYI, I am thrilled when I manage to keep a poinsettia alive between thanksgiving and Christmas…..but I say go for both chickens and gardens! You survived Irma….you can survive anything….

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    1. I thought at first that the coop was a dollhouse! It would make a great one. On the plant side, so far the succulents I planted about a month ago haven’t kicked the bucket yet. That’s got to be a world record.

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  2. My wife lived on a farm for over 20 years prior to our marriage. She misses chickens the most. For a very short period we considered by a house here, and if we had she would have gotten her chickens. Alas, chickens don’t work so well in condo communities. 🙂 I think you made the right decision, Leslie. – Marty

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