Trey Gowdy is the New David Nunes.

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We have two government investigations simultaneously taking place, supposedly working toward the same goal, and yet one is actively working against the other to end both investigations.

Remember former House Intel Committee Chief David Nunes? This past April, he held an impromptu press conference, without discussing his plans to do so with the committee, falsely backing up Trump’s “Obama wiretapped me” claim.

He was attempting to assist Trump in discrediting the FBI investigation, then led by former FBI Director James Comey, by falsely claiming their investigation was based on information gathered illegally when former President Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower.

Nunes seems to have disappeared, or been run out of town. He’s still there, although he kind of sort of recused himself (not really) from the committee. He retained the right to oversee committee subpoenas.
His behavior in April was illegal, and is part of the case against Trump and his…

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