Caveat Labore — Quia Trump

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“CNBC Exclusive: Secret Service out of money to pay agents because of Trump’s frequent travel, large family.”

Hmm…Trump wants to lower taxes for billionaires. Meanwhile tax dollars hard working Americans pay are spent protecting the globetrotting families of an entitled man who hasn’t paid taxes in twenty years.

And here’s another kick in the groin: charges for hotel rooms, golf cart rentals, food, ski rentals, and lift tickets, for the secret service to follow all the Trumps around, are often paid to Trump resorts. He is profiting directly from his own security. Oh yes, he is.

The funds to pay the 1000+ secret service officers employed to guard Herr Potus and his families, and his properties, and all of their constant vacations, have been tapped dry.

Constant excessive overtime pay has a cap for these secret service employees, meaning these people reach a point when they are working for free…

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