Will Putin Offer Trump Political Asylum?

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Donald Trump’s modus operandi of threats and intimidation isn’t translating to his new job as POTUS 45. While those tactics may work with his immediate staff, it isn’t working with the FBI, and it doesn’t appear to be working with the Senate either.

One would think after the backlash Trump received for firing former FBI director James Comey, he would have learned and adjusted his conduct accordingly, but he who believes he knows everything, has nothing to learn.

In what seems a transparent attempt to test the water, POTUS 45 put word out that he is considering firing yet another former FBI director Robert Mueller, and it is not boding well. Mueller was hired by the justice department to oversee the special counsel investigating Russia’s role in the 2016 election, and whether there was collusion on the part of the Trump campaign. In addition, several of Trump’s associates, including his…

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