Cup of Tea

I don’t want to be your cup of tea
Bar me from the cool kids’ table
I’ve outgrown your silly rules
No more need to be in your stable.

Do they know you talked about them
Confidentially, behind their backs?
I’m sure now I wasn’t immune
From your quick tongue and its attacks

All those years I played along
Feeling dizzy underneath your wings
That elitest delight was heady stuff
I giggled at your sharp barbed stings.

And now I just feel remorse
For the many years I wasted
Striving to be inside your circle
And the bitterness I tasted.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “Cup of Tea”

  1. I wouldn’t go back to being a kid for anything, but I like to think that, knowing what I do now, I’d be much happier, more confident, and more out-going. Oh, yeah, and I wouldn’t care about those ‘in power.’

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  2. So well written, Leslie. It reminded me not of high school but of a boss I once had that would come to me and talk horribly about my co-workers. I was sure that she did the same with them about me! That job fortunately was a contract job and she wasn’t my boss for long. This is a great post; one that I am sure many of us can relate to. I did. 🙂

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