Trump—101 Day Summation—Via Word Association 

Well done!

A lot from Lydia

These are my expostulations

Of an event beyond imagination

An electoral college upset expectations

Installed thanks to Russian insinuation

Leading to an arguably rainy inauguration

Alternate truth— a Trump foundation

Regardless of his cognitive limitations

A crowd size yuge— with magnification

Popular vote loss— his preoccupation

He employs his friends and their relations

Both Kushners too— immediate integration

Trump commenced his weekly golf vacations

Million dollars a day—Melania’s tabulation

Trump extended family spring Vail infestation

Regardless of tax payers indignation

Worldwide anti Trump demonstrations

First on his list—eliminate banking regulations

Next—a laughable so called negotiation

With big-pharma on prices of medications

Healthcare bill- a promise fluctuation

Without any diplomatic negotiations

Or foreign leader communication

They must read his daily twitter quotations

He has called obsolete—The United Nations

Put North Korean on notification

WWIII a prognostication

Ended U.S.immigration

Commenced immigrant deportations

The Constitution has seen depreciation

To distract from Flynn’s capitulation

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

2 thoughts on “Trump—101 Day Summation—Via Word Association ”

    1. Hi Autumn. This actually is not my work–I credited the author when I posted it (note the message above the actual poem). It’s a piece from Please check with her! It is a wonderful piece, isn’t it?


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