Waterford Greenway: Kilmacthomas Viaduct

Oh my! These photos are beautiful! From the wonderful blog of inesemjphotography.com.

Making memories


We skip 13 km of railway  between Kilmeadan station and Kilmacthomas  –  I hope to return there later when I am in a better form.

My car is parked in the Old Workhouse car park. The Workhouse buildings are very interesting and full of history. I probably have to write about this place again some day. Actually, you have already been there, visiting Marlfield Birds of Prey 🙂 You can also hire a bike there, and I think there is a restaurant too.

Leaving the car park, we approach the Kilmacthomas crossing. There was never a bridge before. The footbridge was put in place overnight in July 201 – a mighty and beautiful structure weighing 50 tonnes.

Waterford Greenway

Kilmacthomas Railway Station.

Waterford Greenway

Waterford Greenway

Village of Kilmacthomas under our feet.

Waterford Greenway

One of the most spectacular structures of the Greenway is a curved eight-arch railway viaduct that was built in 1873 and spans the River Mahon at the…

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3 thoughts on “Waterford Greenway: Kilmacthomas Viaduct”

      1. Nowt wrong with being a stalker in this sense !! Hope you love Ireland. Sure you will. I think she just sometimes has family and health and work going on. She is a lovely person what I see of her and speak to her on here and so talented. It doesn’t matter what she takes a pic of, landscape, animals, birds, water, plants, people. buildings, they are wonderful images.

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