Snapshot #143

I went out to check on the fairy houses this afternoon. Lo and behold there was a new guy taking a nap on the porch of the fairy house built by our granddaughters, McKayla and Harper (with a little help from Studly Doright) a couple of weeks ago. Let’s call this one, “Fairyzzzzz.”

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

10 thoughts on “Snapshot #143”

      1. LOL!!! Our squirrels must know the hamstah dudes will leap off the blog and git them. I have little touches, houses I made and little doors and things for my fairy figures. They are pretty old. I have had them for years.

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  1. We live near the beach so I pick up driftwood and make things. To start with we were getting the wood to burn but then I thought that is a crime. I made a fairy door in the fence with a path leading to it. One of the pieces must have been part of an old drawer cos the wooden handle, all bleached and eroded, was on it. that is the door handle slat. But I have another wee door on a tree and a row of cottagey things. It is nice to have houses and fairies in a garden. I picked mine up years ago out this cheap–what would be a dollar shop over your way– and I repaint them every year and they come up good as new. You can’t get these kind of fairies now. People are always asking me where to get them. I have nice solar lights lighting up their patch too. SO get adding . Get adding!!!!

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