Donald Trump: America’s New Role Model 

My friend keeps hitting home runs.

A lot from Lydia

Parenting isn’t easy, it never has been. That said, we parents today have a few challenges previous generations didn’t have. One such challenge can be explained using the example of the item at the top of my list of parenting goals. My priority has always been to teach my children ethics: the differnce between right and wrong, respecting people’s differences, having compassion, putting in an honest hard day’s work, owning your mistakes, remaining humble, do unto others…etc.

It helps to use examples when making a point: people who have achieved high status by following these basic principals of ethics. Any examples of successful ethical people today have been overshadowed by one person who demonstrates that ethics aren’t necessary to succeed. By my title, you should know of whom I speak.

The lesson we learn from our current “president” is that to succeed in 2017, we must apply a different set…

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I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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