The Highest Bidders

What’s your goal? 

Destroy public education? 

Scrap affordable health care? 

Reduce social security to rubble? 

Make shady deals with Russia? 

Undo decades of Civil Rights advancements?

No problem! It’s easy!

If you’re a wealthy political donor just buy your way into trump’s cabinet. 

A cool million ought to get you just what you want.

Don’t worry ’bout the poor!

No thoughts for the children!

Screw the elderly!

Who needs to vote anyway?

It’s all about the bucks, baby! 

You sure showed us. Indeed, you did. 

And you smiled and smirked all the way.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

4 thoughts on “The Highest Bidders”

  1. Lucky for us President Steve Bannon is there to oversee everything. 100,000.00 dollars gets Marco Rubio’s vote for DeVos. How many other votes were purchased or coerced? We are in serious trouble as a nation. If we stay involved our vote can send all the spineless “so called” leaders running for cover. Fortunately for them they are all rich and can afford very expensive early retirement villas.

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