Betsy Devos is Confirmed

Righteous anger. Great job from

A lot from Lydia

An unqualified moron (my humble opinion), has just been confirmed as Education Secretary of the United States. A woman who never set foot in a public school is now in charge of them. A woman who at the senate confirmation hearings said guns are needed in the classroom to protect against “potential grizzlies” can now protect our children against grizzlies in the classroom.

This is what republicans want, because they want a voucher system, which is what this idiot (my humble opinion)wants. So who wins? The wealthy who have their kids in private schools will get money back with the voucher system. Those who have the luxury of choice get money back. The poor, and the middle class who are stuck in the public school system lose funding and the interest of those with the tax purse. What is bad now will get worse.

Oh well…

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