Acoustic, Yet Radioactive 

Sirius/XM satellite radio might be the greatest invention of all time. If talk radio is your thing, they’ve got you covered. News? Covered. Traffic and weather? Covered. Sports? They’re all over that. But greatest of all is the quality and quantity of channels catering to music.

Remember the old days when your favorite song would begin playing on an FM station just as the family’s Chevy pulled out of broadcast range? Torture! Especially if Daddy was driving. He wouldn’t even attempt to tune the dial to reclaim the song, as opposed to when he lost the signal for a high school football game broadcast on an AM station. Then we were treated to static of varying quality in his search for a even hint of the game. Good times, but I digress.

Thanks to Sirius/XM I can listen to one station for the entire length of my journey, barring brief interruptions incurred whilst driving under overpasses or through tunnels. Truly, it’s a beautiful thing.

My favorite music station on Sirius is Coffeehouse, where only acoustic versions of songs are featured. Some of the offerings are quirky, but others hit it out of the park. One day this week I heard Imagine Dragons’ acoustic version of their hit, Radioactive. I do believe it’s a home run.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “Acoustic, Yet Radioactive ”

  1. Well sips to the hip there Painted Toes, that Sirius Coffeehouse be a bit too decaffeinated for me…but it has allowed me the opportune to tease my hipster here…known as The SNZ….and A.M. tuning to keep the game in focus is a fine art.

    Karl Contrary,
    Different Strokes, North Dakota

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  2. We have a Sirius table radio, so our listening is all done in the home. I would love it in the car, though. Maybe someday if the budget allows we’ll get it for the carriage. I’m with Doug in that “Coffee House” is a bit too decaffeinated for my tastes, but every now and again I do give it a listen. I’ve heard some interesting version of REM songs there, so it definitely has some cred.

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