Final Presidential Election Vote Count 2016 – State by State Breakdown 

These are state by state vote tallies.

A lot from Lydia

The subject of popular votes and electoral college for me was closed yesterday, but I have to respond to comments, and I will not give misinformation a free ride on my blog. I just now received a comment on an old post of mine regarding popular vote numbers- (Final Presidential Election Vote Count 2016.)

Trump has given wings to ignorance. If he makes a claim people accept it as the gospel truth—and he lies about everything. I wonder if the comment was a sincere mistake by someone who was a victim of fake news, or if it is an attempt by someone to perpetuate false information. Either way, willful ignorance (Trump) angers me.

The comment was:
“Yes Clinton won the popular vote, but only in California. The popular vote in 49 other states has Trump winning. The District of Columbia gets 3 votes and it does not have any Representatives…

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