16 thoughts on “Snapshot #69”

      1. Wrap in brown papper and put Table gifts that either sex could use in the middle. Take turns toThrow dice, a one or a six, if you throw a six you get another go. If one or six is thrown that person chooses a gift, this continues until none left. Now start again for two minutes only trying to throw the elusive 1 or six each time someone steals whichever parcel they want. Until times up. Some prizez are booby prizes and some are good all cost under £6 . I try to pad small things to look huge or put card in them to disguise the shape. Usually one or two are believed to be a “special” one so it gets stole and stole again and again. Last years “special” was a lump of coal. Everyone loves this game of mine. I make sure we dont stop until each person has at least one.

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      2. You can use my game if you would like. I won a stick on moustache and a pair of scented candles last year. My mother got a head band light we made her wear until tea time she looked fetching once i added a sticky moustache!

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