Crybaby Trump 


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*Warning- this is an editorial containing opinions that may not be your own.

Initially Donald Trump was silent, no comment from his camp on efforts of Green Party candidate Jill Stein to call for a vote recount in three key states. Then the great emperor-elect tweeted his most weathered monosyllabic retorts: “scam” “rigged.” He has also accused Jill Stein of collecting money from donors for the recount under false pretenses- for her own personal financial gain.

The fact is that there is compelling evidence to warrant a re-count:

* In Wisconsin, votes counted electronically consistently resulted in 7% fewer votes for Hillary Clinton than ballots that were optically scanned.

* Stanford studies have proven that electronic voter machines can easily be manipulated.

* Exit poles show Clinton had a lead ranging between 5-6% in key states, yet the results ended with a 5-6% lead for Trump.

Beyond that, Donald Trump…

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