Cooking for Studly: Thanksgiving for Two

Those of you who are new to my blog might not realize that I have a life outside of bashing our president-elect, but I do! I live with my husband, Studly Doright, and our two feline supervisors, Scout and Patches, in our own little piece of paradise that I like to call Doright Manor.

We have two perfect children and five absolutely superior grandchildren (funny how that works, seeing as how Studly and I just barely peek over the average range), but they live far away from our home outside of Tallahassee, Florida.

Studly and I were high school sweethearts in Texas, and in forty years of marriage we’ve moved 14 times, lived in five different states, and I’ve lost count of the number of homes we’ve shared. We aren’t retired yet, but it’s number one on our bucket list.

Studly married me thinking I’d turn out to be a great cook like his mom (Saint Helen) or my mom, (Gingymama), but I had neither the aptitude nor the attitude to develop into much more than a mediocre heater upper. Poor, poor Studly.

Twice a year, though, I focus all of my energies into cooking a kick ass holiday meal. I plan and prepare and check ingredients off of lists and shop and preheat–all the necessary stuff. Sometimes, it all turns out perfectly. Other times we pretend. Wine helps.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. So today I’m baking a pecan pie, hard boiling eggs, and making cornbread. Doright Manor smells amazing. I’ll arise early tomorrow to prep and roast a turkey, make cornbread dressing, a fruit salad, and deviled eggs, along with Studly’s favorite green bean casserole (ugh!) and cranberry sauce. With any luck neither of us will need to pretend that it tastes great. Again, wine helps.

It’s just going to be the two of us for dinner, well and the cats, but I’m thankful that we are healthy and have each other. I’m most thankful that at Christmas we’ll get to see our kids, grandkids, and Saint Helen, when we congregate in Nashville, Tennessee, for a family holiday extravaganza.

Now, the smoke alarm hasn’t sounded even once this morning, so all is well at Doright Manor. I’d best go, though, and open a bottle of wine. Just in case.

Peace, and Happy Thanksgiving, people.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

19 thoughts on “Cooking for Studly: Thanksgiving for Two”

  1. This year it will be just my husband and myself for the first time since our kids were born. We were thinking of perhaps making a game hen and eating it with too much cranberry sauce and some champagne.

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      1. Yeah, Snz and me, just do a turkey breast too, as it’s just us two for “Just Us Wednesday”, but then it’s off to, “Too Many and Turkey Two Thursday”.

        Peace To The Peeps And Pets Of Doright Manor.

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      2. Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely even if you don’t have a whole turkey. We were a family of four when my kids were still at home and if we didn’t get to the grocery store early enough to get a smaller bird, the left-overs were always terrifying! Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! We celebrated earlier – proud to say my daughters have now taken over the task – food definitely tastes better when prepared by someone else, lol.

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    1. Thank you! I remember how wonderful mom’s cornbread dressing tasted, and I wonder if I’ll ever have any that good again. My daughter-in-law is a health nut and my daughter doesn’t like dressing. But my son-in-law is fond of it, so he is learning the ropes.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Your dinner sounds delicious. Italians are more into complaining and unfortunately don’t do Thanksgiving, but I try to tell everyone I meet today about the need to say thank you for all the privileges we enjoy compared to the millions of war-torn and dispossessed around the world…. Cheers!

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  4. Just me and the hubby too this year (again). I’ve ordered myself a vegan roast from Suzy Spoons Vegetarian butcher. He can either share or buy himself whatever his heart desires.


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