12 thoughts on “Heavy Metals”

      1. Outside of “heavy metal,” which subject to you feel more sure footed concerning your ugly shoe sporting Wednesday and Thursday pick-up trivia team? And do you shot and beer or beer and wash? Or just wine when wrong. And what did you think of Leonard Cohen’s passing.

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      2. I’m the general knowledge chick. My weakest category is anything to do with actual names. Unless it’s a literary character I can’t remember the name. It’s a learning disability, I think. But if they need funky, unnecessary knowledge, I’m the go to girl.
        I drink beer on trivia nights. Lots of beer.
        And I’ve been singing Hallelujah a lot. 😢

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  1. Amen …to that. And of course, to the generalist, I geek it up to ask how deep do your threaded comments go…nerd…. that’s a toggle.. and meow to Patches…and the trivia about Cohen is made less so with a listen to Jennifer Warnes’ “Famous Blue Raincoat”

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