6 thoughts on “Scope Of Democracy’s Loss”

    1. I agree with you’re sentiments but in all honesty what you’re suggesting is just what the GOP wants you to do. Because the GOP, at least, knows one very important thing. Our form of governance is not a democracy, it is a republic. How in the hell can the GOP so often control both houses of the legislative branch of this nation irrespective of the fact that they receive less votes than Democrats in aggregate. How is that a democracy? And how is it, in this democracy, if Mrs Clinton’s raw vote tally is still holding, that the last two GOP POTUS candidates declared winners of the White House have done so while garnering less popular votes?

      So where do you see this democracy? You can’t take back that which never was. But you can recoup your Republic if you better understand those strategic implements constitutionally provided to do just that and set them in play to do so.

      Good post and good luck.


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