Is That a Threat or a Promise?

Well said.

A lot from Lydia

Is it too late for me to volunteer for Mars Mission One?

We all know people who will vote Trump/Pence, and I am no different. My daughters college roommate is one, a neighbor down the street who has not one, but two Trump signs displayed on his lawn is another, and a millennial co-worker of mine is a third sampling of seemingly normal people who will vote Trump/Pence. I have tried to understand their perspective, and this is what they shared with me about why the are voting Trump:

“He’s good at business.”

I suppose this might be subjective. I have no respect for his unethical style of business. He files bankruptcy in order to avoid paying people, and he does not pay taxes. To me that is unethical, not good business.

“I’m voting for him because he is not a politician.”

That reasoning is unreasonable. The equivalent would be…

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