Studly and Subtitles

I’m married to a wonderful man. I call him Studly Doright on this blog for good reason. He’s a man’s man kind of guy. Physically stong, mentally stalwart, with a firm sense of right and wrong. 

He’s also rigidly entrenched in his habits. He gets up at a certain time. Goes to bed by 9. Eats only certain foods. Drinks an occasional American beer. Watches mainstream tv and movies.

So when I came into the den after my evening shower to find him watching a French film, The Confession, complete with subtitles, I immediately grabbed a thermometer (oral) from the medicine cabinet and firmly instructed him to open wide. 

I fully expected to discover he had a raging fever and was subsequently suffering from hallucinations. 

“Well, you’re fine,” I said. “Why are you watching this?”

His reply, “The words got to me.”

I love this man, and after 40 years of marriage he can still surprise me.
Peace, people

Studly’s feet.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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