When you wonder what happened to the ideals your friends once aspired to, and you 

question their reasoning and morals. When Donald Trump gets a pass for self reporting 

His sexual assaults because his celebrity status entitled him. When some women shrug and 

Claim that it’s only locker room talk, and all men do it, but you know that’s untrue. When

You can remember being groped by a boy, but you didn’t tell because he made you feel

Ashamed. When you know that the future of your granddaughters depends on your vote.

Never Trump. 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

11 thoughts on “When”

  1. It is a national travesty, and as you say, appalling that women can look away, although denial is a powerful thing. I too, wish for my granddaughters that they shall never feel shame for the sinful acts of others.

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  2. This whole “travesty” – to use V.J.’s AngloSaxon euphemism – begs the question: shouldn’t the next Administration deal with changing the laws for the primaries and nominating process?

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    1. I don’t think that’s the course we’d take. We have a segment of the population that is terribly disgruntled and they chose a huckster for their candidate. A good many have realized what he is and turned away from him now. They’ll either vote for Hillary or not at all. I just fear that there’s a huge mass of the Trumpsters who aren’t being represented in the polling. I won’t rest easy until this is all over. And maybe not for 4 years!

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  3. I relate so much to your first lines. It is so difficult to understand why women I’ve been friends with would support him. I just don’t understand. Great poem here. Once again I enjoy your poetic structure as well as your content.

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