Debate 2 – Or the Cubs?

This is really good.

A lot from Lydia

I understand the first Clinton/Trump debate was the most watched presidential debate ever, with a record 84 million viewers. The numbers for Sunday’s second debate dropped down to 63 million.

At work yesterday I realized something. Many people elected to watch a baseball game rather than the second tremendous uge disaster of a presidential debate. I thought everyone was right there with me on the edge on the edge of my seat, with beads of perspiration that trickled down my back blazing a trail more effective than Trumps trickle down economic plan ever could…but no one I encountered yesterday tortured themselves with the full 90 minutes, and many didn’t watch at all.

People who I spoke to yesterday wanted to talk baseball. I guess the Cubs are doing something, but I am not a fan. It is my warped opinion that there are possibly a dozen (baseball, football, etc.), games…

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