Literally Laughed Out Loud

Note: I freaking hate Donald Trump, and if I had died in Hurricane Hermine I’d have wanted his sorry ass blamed for it. Carry on.

The first time I came across the picture featured below on Facebook I guffawed. I was sitting in my den with a cat on my lap and laughed so hard that said cat leapt to the floor and hid under my bed for the remainder of the day.

Why one might ask did I find this seemingly harmless statement so funny? Maybe it’s because the closest Trump has been to religion is screaming “Oh God” in the throes of climax.

He thought Second Corinthians was correctly cited as Two Corinthians. Twice divorced, he’s cheated on at least one wife and tried to talk Marla Maples into having an abortion so he wouldn’t feel obligated to marry her. He regularly insults women who do not meet his standards of beauty, calling them fat pigs among other choice names.

Yet some conservative voters herald him as planning to bring God BACK to the White House. Pardon me if I’m missing something, but isn’t God supposed to be omnipresent? Hasn’t God been right there all along? Even back when Richard Nixon was engaged in criminal activity from the Oval Office, God was right there.

We are a nation that officially recognizes a separation between church and state.  That’s as it should be. I’m a Christian, yet I understand that it is critical we keep this separation. Once it’s eroded, all manner of misdeeds can and will be perpetrated in the name of religion. 

Any time a politician claims Christian values, or proposes to unite us under one God, I automatically become suspicious. What are they trying to pull over on us? I’d much rather hear someone say they advocate for equality for all people under the law. That’s what I want, not false claims of religiosity.

That’s all for now.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

7 thoughts on “Literally Laughed Out Loud”

  1. You know, Painted Toes, that I’m a fan of yours and sympathetic to your political preferences, but concerned, now that Donald Trump has joined Ted Cruz amongst politicians you have publicly professed to “hate,” …that you’re falling into a anti-democratic trap built into the original elitist understandings of the Founders’ form of republican governace, and ironically being exploited by the very people you acknowledge you abhor.

    And you are inadvertently helping their cause. Donald is successful because he gives license to his supporters to shun political civility and reason, and simply “hate” the other. And hate can’t hear. Which means there is no discourse. Only the roar of a self-righteous and reflexive finger pointing rabble.

    And while you do, in this post, make valid and reasoned points for your political opposition to Mr.Trump, I strongly caution you consider the following;

    “The moment you care enough, think you know enough about politics that you begin to reflexively “hate” others with opposing views, you best broaden your understanding of the ground game of tactical and practical politics, and become aware of the inherent biases that makeup human understanding and cognitive ability, and appreciate how the very act of participation in a “democracy” can exacerbate the numerous faults of our very own nature.”

    Again, the very act of participation.

    In a post that gets very little play, I try to illustrate that conundrum, here.

    Here’s hoping you receive this response in the sprit given and as always,

    and a new poesy here

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