Flags and Patriots

Stand, don’t ask
Pledge allegiance,
There’s a good boy!

Otherwise, those
Flag toting
Patriots cry no joy.

Never mind that
Soldiers died for
Your consecrated right

To speak your mind
Wrapped up in the
Constitution, tight.

Unblinking, unthinking
Loyalty to words
Written by a racist

Sing them anyway,
“Oh say can you see”
That doubts persist?

Courage lies within
Your conscientious

Yet some say
Your rights unworthy
Of protection.

Screw that,
Give ’em hell
Stick to your guns,

Wrap yourself in the
Words of our founders,
Amendment number one.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

2 thoughts on “Flags and Patriots”

  1. Wow, the dearth of comments to “likes” concerning this poem is telling, Painted Toes. I thought the poem gutsy… and somehow managed to combine writing politics with the football season….where in the hell did you ever come up with that idea…. that juxtaposition?

    So I just spent two hours and 11 minutes, not counting…taking moose puppy out, and refreshing bourbon pours, watching the latest, that I’m aware, political focus group conducted by Peter Hart for the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Held in June of this year of our Lord… 2016 ….where eleven disciples of stipulated blue color and middle class pretension gave voice to their concerns and understandings about the yeas and nays of the candidates in the running to become the Big Dog of our Democratic experiment of self governance.

    Spoiler Alert ….Only one, UNO…1….knew who the Speaker Of The House is. Same for that Elizabeth Warren lady.


    Regards and yours always, and Patches too.

    The Cat Master @


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m such a political lightweight that no one takes me too seriously. All of my conservative FB friends have unfollowed me, so I expected very little pushback from this piece. I’m just sick of so-called patriots condemning people for taking a stand.


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