If you were a smart, beautiful girl, who isn’t into girly-girl stuff, what would you want to receive as a gift for your 14th birthday?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. Our eldest grandchild will celebrate her 14th birthday on September 13. Today is September 7. Surely someone out there has a suggestion. I’m getting desperate.

Here she is with her dog, Toby. 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

27 thoughts on “Suggestions?”

    1. She writes well, but doesn’t enjoy writing. We’ve given her a charm for her bracelet (that she never wears) every year and will probably buy one this year. She’s a talented artist, so maybe a journal that she can create art in would be a good idea.


  1. There are these awesome hands free leashes. They are a belt around your waist with a leash attached to the belt so you can run and hike with your dog without having to keep track of the leash. If it is an off leash area just wrap the leash around your waist and tuck the end into the belt. This works great with two dogs too. It changes the balance and if your dogs suddenly pull I find it easier to not get pulled around.

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      1. True…I went spare with my daughter when she got a very small, ridiculous tattoo at eighteen…wish I hadn’t remembered that…the anger is about me once more, and she’s in her early 30’s and an accountant now!

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