Bed and Breakfast Interlude

Twelve hours without electricity (courtesy of Hurricane Hermine) and the joys that it brings (hot showers, air conditioning) resulted in Studly Doright and I staying in a Bed and Breakfast Inn on Friday night. 

We’d tried to find a hotel in Tallahassee, but the ones with electrical power were all completely booked, while ones without power wouldn’t have improved our lot. I looked farther afield and found the 1872 John Denham House in Monticello, FL.

1872 John Denham House

Even though the grounds of the inn had suffered at the hands of Hermine, this gorgeous home experienced a loss of power only briefly and was an air conditioned oasis on a hot, humid Florida day. The cool air felt so good when we stepped into the foyer that I almost cried.

The foyer

The inn’s registry in the foyer

The inn’s proprietress gave us a brief tour of the first floor before showing us to our room. 

The parlor
Another view of the parlor
A view of the dining room from the parlor
Formal dining room
The formal dining room

Studly Doright and I were fortunate to book the honeymoon suite. It was a great deal more charming than the room we stayed in at The Camelot Inn in Amarillo, TX, 40 years ago.

I took these photos after our night in the room, so the poorly made bed is my fault. It was impeccably staged for our arrival.

Each room in the house featured a fireplace. This was ours.
The claw foot bathtub made for an interesting, yet surprisingly efficient shower setting.

After a restful night Studly arose early to play his Saturday golf game, leaving me to enjoy breakfast without him. I didn’t think to take take photos of the meal, but it was outstanding, consisting of a fluffy soufflé, fresh fruit, yogurt, and homemade biscuits with a variety of homemade jams and jellies. 

I met two of the other guests at breakfast, Gordon and Addison, who are members of a meteorological research team from the University of Oklahoma. The two men used the inn as a base while studying Hurricane Hermine. I pried as much information from them as possible, trying not to be too obnoxious. I’m fairly sure I failed in that regard. 

Sensing my interest they provided directions to their rig parked at the edge of town, so on my way home I stopped by to snap some photos:

I sincerely hope the researchers gained useful information for future hurricane survivors. Specifically, how do we avoid loss of electricity? Now that would be a worthy project.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

21 thoughts on “Bed and Breakfast Interlude”

    1. In our part of Florida we generally only have to heat our home for four weeks out of the year. We can get by without either heat or air conditioning for a couple of months, but at least half the year we have the thermostat set between 69 and 72.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well lucky you Leslie…our energy bills are massive in these parts, it rains all the time and when the wind blows in from Mother Russia it, as my old dad used to say, ‘Freezes the balls off a brass monkey’ though on occasions he might say, ‘It’s that cold they’ll be laying men off at the brass foundry’!
        Yours, A Jealous Enlishman

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Gosh…you have triggered a memory of another saying of my old dad except, thinking about it, it was so very ‘wrong’ I dare not repeat it before a lady! Shame really because it was quite funny.

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  1. Here’s to victory over the elements with a rash of Victorian airs. Cool on y’all. You and Studly. I like the cant of the settee in the parlor with the ‘out out damn spot’ diluted pomegranate juice walls… and the warp and woof of the mounting stool in the honeymoon suite…

    And bless your pea pickin’ heart, I bet you charmed hell out of Gordon and Addison as they allowed you to snapshot their OU whirling dervish of an inclement weather mobile tracking machine. Good get.

    Juan Austen
    from Wind Of The Lake, Illinois


    1. Oh, way better! We used to stay in B&Bs all the time, but Studly racks up a ton of free hotel stays due to the amount of travel he does for work, and it makes sense economically to use those. But I much prefer a B&B.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. B&B’s always have a certain homely feel, but of course it depends which ones you’re in. But the photos here seem like it’s a wonderful place to stay. . Hotels a different thing especially if it’s free, who doesn’t want a free stay anyway. I enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing the photos.

        Liked by 1 person

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