An improbable link about surgery in Guatemala

Great piece from If the blue link doesn’t appear in my post, make sure you go directly to her original post. Heck, do that anyway. Ellen is brilliant.

Notes from the U.K.

I don’t do reblogs here, and I’m sparing even about linking to other blogs. I normally limit my links to posts that are tightly related to my topic. Which is–oh, hell, what is my topic?

Never mind. We don’t have to know that just now. What matters is that I have several reasons to link to this one at Zipfslaw:

  1. The post introduces an organization called Surgicorps, which provides surgery–in this case in Guatemala–to people who wouldn’t have a hope in hell of being treated in any other way. And in case anyone’s interested, no I don’t believe medical treatment should depend on goodwill, volunteers, and charitable donations, but in many parts of the world (including, mentioning no names, if you’re poor enough in one of the richest countries) it does just now.
  2. The post gives us all a chance to donate money to keep the group going. If you’re interested, follow the link above and look for the link in the post.

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