Gator Bait

Several of our neighbors have caught sight of a good sized male alligator sunning himself on the grassy bank near our home. Others have heard his mating call. 

I thought I had, as well, but when I imitated the call for Studly Doright he told me I’d heard a bullfrog. I hope never to meet that particular bullfrog if it makes the sound I heard:


In Africa there is a species of giant bullfrogs, with a face only a mother could love.

Since Doright Manor isn’t in Africa, I’m fairly certain this isn’t the critter that AAROOO-ED at me.

The neighbors are of two minds as to how to deal with gators on our little lake. Some want them relocated while others say let them be. I tend to side with the second camp. 

Typically a gator won’t attack a human being, but they aren’t opposed to snacking on family pets. 

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

12 thoughts on “Gator Bait”

  1. We currently live in FL, so are very aware of how alligators snack on pets – our county has a leash law for cats and dogs, which is why Purrseidon and Mr. M are accomplished with harness & leash.
    BTW, when we lived in Central America, we had big ole toads similar to the one in the photo – they had a reputation of secreting poison and more than one dog, who played with one died.


  2. In Queensland, we have cane toads, ugly, poisonous things. They were imported to deal with beetles that attacked the sugar cane. But, the toads had different ideas and went forth and multiplied.

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