Feeling Surly


Normally I’m a Pollyanna sort, but the events of this past week have me feeling more like Maleficent. Let me count the ways:

My car window was smashed in while I was swimming at a local park.

My favorite handbag, the one I bargained for entirely in Spanish on my visit to a mercado in La Antigua de Guatemala, was stolen.

My credit cards were used in questionable locations. At least the thieves are interesting.

My passport is gone, along with my driver’s license, insurance, and prescription cards, etc. 

I’ve made more phone calls in the past four days to take care of this stuff than I’ve had to make in the last four years. I could have built and furnished a three story treehouse in the time I’ve spent on hold.

I had day surgery which, while not related to the robbery, sure didn’t make me feel like a princess. 

I have enough intestinal gas to power a small fleet of cars.

My completed “buy ten massages, get one free” card was in my stolen handbag. This might piss me off more than all the other losses combined. I NEED that massage.

I just dropped a 32 oz. diet Dr. Pepper in the driver’s side floor of Studly Doright’s pickup truck. He’s already angry at me for the loss of my purse, so I need to go and clean up my mess.

I know Pollyanna is still in here somewhere, but I might need to exorcise the villain first.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

24 thoughts on “Feeling Surly”

  1. I once knew a gal who went to Rome with her crucial cash/cards etc. about her person and in her handbag, otherwise empty was half a house brick (thus giving the look and feel of being full) and just a handwritten note with a message within containing some rather rude words only to be read by a thief! She still wonders what the young chap on his moped thing who rode by her and stole thought when he finally opened said bag!

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      1. I think the multiples of the ‘F’ word (and similar) are universally known plus many more Europeans speak English notwithstanding we don’t bother to learn their language…my jaunts into Belgium for example are ones where it is almost impossible to find a Belgian without perfect English…good point you raise though.

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      1. I’ll be figuring it out. Some of my concern is merely logistical. There are no good places at our pool to store valuables. I’m going to look rather odd swimming with a handbag tied round my neck.

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