Thor and Embla

Thor and Embla slowly
Holding hands in the
Wrapped up in their
Forbidden love
They languished ‘neath

He bent his head
Cupping her face.
She clung
to his broad chest,
Embla cried to her god
Do not leave,
She sobbed.

Odin, help me!
Embla begged.
Do not tear
Us apart!
Mighty Thor
Has claimed my

With a nod of
Shaggy head
Sleipnir was
To carry them
Woman and God
Into Helheim’s 
Cold halls.


Ask and Embla were the first mortals created by the gods according to Norse mythology. While I’m sure Embla was faithful to Ask, surely she could’ve been forgiven a tryst with Thor….or maybe not. Hels was the destination of the dead.

Interesting, is it not, the similarities in Norse and Christian mythologies? Ask and Embla (Adam and Eve), Helheim (Hell).

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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