Pitching an Idea

If an average person had a brilliant idea for a movie based on a true story what course of action should that average person take?

One can hardly call up Mr. Scorsese or Mr. Spielberg and say, “Hey man, you don’t know me from a hole in the ground, but I know of this story from the early 1900’s that has the potential to be as big as Forrest Gump.

“It’s got everything audiences clamor for: action, adventure, inspiration, obstacles, and humor.”

So what does the average person do? I’m not a screenwriter, and have no desire to be, but I would love for someone to tell this story. Any advice?

Peace, people

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

6 thoughts on “Pitching an Idea”

  1. OK, you’re not gonna like it, but here goes….your dead in the water before your pitch begins….they won’t hear your story…they’ll see the dollar signs of Art direction, and wardrobe, and set construction, and the props necessary to pull off the 1900’s. If the story if that good, it should translate to any era…back then, right now, the near to far future. That’s a rule of thumb….and you know what they say about rules…but if new to the “Wood” period pieces splinter everybody’s butt. So I understand.

    But don’t let me burst your bubble, write a “treatment.” I have this program and play with this software…..but you don’t need it to write a “treatment.” The link is just to let you know, if you don’t, what I’m talking about.


    And by the by, Patches would like this book. http://www.savethecat.com



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    1. I figured as much, except I wouldn’t know how to get to anyone who wouldn’t listen. Maybe it’s kinder that way.
      Thanks for the links.
      I had a crappy medical diagnosis yesterday that’s put me into a funk. Good thing I’ve got several pieces queued up.


  2. I agree with Doug that it’s near impossible to get a screen play idea through to anyone useful. I actually did ghost-write an outline and first scebe for a friend years ago, and it did sell and got made into a decent money-maker. But my friend had to spend a year and lots of money travelling to various places and people to pitch it and convince them. In the end what he really got out of it was a tiny role in the film. I got nothing, it was a favour … 😦

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