Scaling Walls

a ladder might have made climbing easier, but ladders are for wussies.

so i backed up and took a run at the wall, jumping up to hang my fingers on the lip.

scrabbling feet searched for a hold, catching a fractured brick just right only to have

pieces of mortar crumble into rubble beneath my feet.

dropping down i crouched, defeated by the scale.

by now a crowd had gathered egging me on
“try!” “you can do it!” some cheered; others jeered.

renewed determination coursed through my brain trickling down to trembling limbs.

once again i made the run, leaping with all my might.

chin knocked wobbly, i fell back in the dust, chest heaving, eyes watering.

a wee face peeked over from the other side. “can i give you a hand lady?”

“sure, child,” i said, taking his hand and stepping over the barrier.


Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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