What a Display

only a fervent belief
in the right to
free speech
and a strong sense
of self-preservation,
prevented my
thoughts from becoming
harsh words upon 
encountering this flag’s

right out in the open
with their unearned
privilege in full
view of capitol’s stage,
they peddled their
hated rhetoric
making light of the
bondage and bloodshed
of America’s own
darkest age.

Studly and I had visitors from Indiana this weekend. While the men played golf I took my friend LeeAnn to tour the historic Florida capitol building.

I’ve been to the capitol several times now and had never before encountered armed policeman in the old capitol building that now houses a museum. But on this occasion there were two steely eyed officers warily stalking the foyer.

Before I approached the reception desk I asked one of the officers if there was cause for concern. He assured me all was fine, so LeeAnn and I embarked on our tour.

While perusing a second floor exhibit of Florida’s extensive state park system something outside the window caught our attention. There on the capitol grounds was a full-blown demonstration of Confederate flag waving yahoos.

Every molecule in my body called for me to walk down the steps and ask the demonstrators if they understood that the flag is perceived as a symbol of hatred by every fully evolved human. Sanity prevailed, though, and I resisted the urge. That first amendment is a powerful thing. Well, that, and my desire to stay out of jail.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

8 thoughts on “What a Display”

  1. That’s very sad, but nothing new. People deceived by ideology live everywhere. Every day I open my Facebook page and have a couple of hateful posts of our own. Thinking of Dr. King a lot these days.

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