Blogging and Originality

One of my blogging friends commented on a recent post of mine that it was un-original. Her comment didn’t offend me. I didn’t take it as a condemnation, but as her initial thought upon reading my post.

Her comment did make me think about the reasons I blog. It certainly isn’t to become rich and famous, and blogging has wreaked nine kinds of hell on my already lackadaisical housekeeping skills. After thinking and thinking…

…I came to the conclusion that I write merely to write.

-Sometimes I shoot for originality. How might I twist this phrase or that to say something banal in a decidedly fresh way? 

-Sometimes I just need to share the moments of my life with a few photos and captions. 

-Sometimes I feel like a kid and need to be silly. 

-Sometimes there’s scarcely a point to be found in my writing, even if I’m the one looking for it.

-Sometimes I write in poetry what I cannot say in prose.

Yes, my friend was right. My stocking post was decidedly lacking in originality. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue writing such pieces for many years to come.

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

9 thoughts on “Blogging and Originality”

  1. no no no no! let me spread ash on my head and bow in apology: I expressed myself badly: I meant it was MY comment to your post that was un-original! On the contrary, your post and pictures were lovely and heart-warming!!!

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  2. This is an interesting one for me, as I’m not sure I believe anything can ever be truly original 🙂 Everything’s already been done before…and, as some smart person once said, great artists steal! I also write mostly for the joy of writing, and suspect that what I have to say probably isn’t “original.” But as long as you enjoy writing it and people enjoy reading it, eh…

    And blogging is *always* better than housekeeping. ALWAYS.

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