SHE WISHED SHE WERE A MEREORITE AGAIN is one of my favorite blogs. This piece shook me this morning. Enjoy.


moon girl


She likened him unto the moon
‘at first light’ storms and a dark side
electrifying, magnetic, intimidating
impact craters, devilishly dapper
she quite overlooked his failings
that there were times when apathy
prejudiced her come hither games

Finally adversity eclipsed cajolery
only then did the she-moth spurn the
come hither charms of dark celestial
and instead, back on terra firma fell
head over heels for an incandescent
quite bare lightbulb, she paid the price
for infidelity, a betrayal of constancy
lost herself within the white lightening


Stiff collared the know all therapists
crippled thinkers the specialists
xenophobic the nursing staff
limping invalids the lot of them
in a place serving to mend the
‘from the outside looking in’
plausibly ‘fit as a fiddle’ inmates

Her only family now a dog-eared overcoat
the powers that be entrusting her a
rambling mastermind, one who juggle with
her wounded notions on…

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Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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