Feeding the Fitbit at the Capitol

My Fitbit is a hungry little piece of technology. Every day it coaxes me to walk just a few more steps, then more, and if I make it to 10,000 steps it rewards me with a happy little buzz buzz buzz. I’ve become fond of the buzz. So fond, in fact, that I’ve been exploring places in and around Tallahassee to get my steps in.

One day this week I visited the state capitol building. It’s another one of those places that I’ve driven past many times, but never stopped to inspect, in large part because I never could figure out where to park. Heaven forbid that I stop and ask someone. Armed with my Fitbit, though, I figured I’d park at a distance and get in some steps on my way to and from the capitol building.

This is not a photo that I took, but I found it on Pinterest and that’s almost the same as me having taken it. The historic capitol in the foreground is now a museum, while the high rise directly behind it is the current capitol. 


One entrance into the new capitol features a family of sculpted dolphins frolicking in a fountain. It is totally captivating, and a sight I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t parked where I did. Thanks, Fitbit!

Inside the high rise, I took an express elevator up to the 22nd floor where one can see literally for miles and miles. This observation floor also includes a gallery featuring portraits of children awaiting adoption in Florida.

The chambers for the House of Representatives and the Senate are located on the fifth floor. Both were locked, but at least the curtains covering the senate chamber’s windows were open and I could see the beautifully appointed room. 

The main floor houses offices for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and a variety of other state officials including the Secretary of Agriculture and the state’s Chief Financial Officer.  


Lobby floor of the capitol.

Sections of the wall on the main floor are dedicated to recognizing leaders in the Florida Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Suffrage Movement. There is also a wall honoring firefighters and police officers who died in service to the people of the state of Florida. 
This gigantic marble seal in the center of this floor is impressive: 

After visiting the new building I walked the short distance to the Historic Capitol Museum and strolled along the halls and chambers where interactive exhibits invite visitors to learn more. 


Inside the historic capitol museum

The historic capitol was in danger of being torn down after the new building was completed, but the citizens of Florida came together to preserve this magnificent building as a museum. Thank goodness! 

If you ever venture into Tallahassee on your way to Disneyworld, make sure to visit the capitol. It won’t cost you anything unless you park in a metered space, and even then it’s only a couple of dollars. A great bargain! 

And if you’re feeding your Fitbit, you’ll get all of your 10,000 steps in by noon. Buzzzzzz!

Peace, people!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

8 thoughts on “Feeding the Fitbit at the Capitol”

      1. The interior is lovely. I almost cried when the docents told me that the old building had been scheduled for demolition after the new building was completed. Thank goodness the people of Florida had the good sense to rally around the old building.

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