Trivia Tonight

My favorite night of the month is here: Trivia night at David’s golf club! Our team has yet to win, but we have placed third on two occasions. 

I’ve always been fairly good at trivia. This rather ordinary looking brain holds quite a bit of completely useless information. But lately I’ve found that I’ve lost some of my sharpness. That, and there are so many current events in pop culture that I just don’t know. 

Even things I once knew I no longer know, such as the atomic numbers of common elements and the various offspring of Greek and Roman deities. I’m still the go to girl on all things Star Wars, though. Now if I could just bribe our emcee, Josh. I wonder if he’d like a nice personalized poem?

my gosh
your trivia
are boss,

I have a feeling that wont cut it. Wish us luck.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

10 thoughts on “Trivia Tonight”

    1. Just awful! We got off to a terrific start by answering every question in the first round correctly. Then we crashed in round 2, answering only two correctly. There might have been wine to blame.

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      1. Thanks. Our team really needs a couple of younger people. We’re all old farts and a lot of the questions pertain to current pop culture. I’m thinking I’ll adopt a hipster.

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