Karma Rides Again

I learned a valuable lesson this past weekend. Studly Doright invited a couple to spend the weekend with us. A couple neither of us particularly care for. The husband is odd and the wife even odder. Now, Studly didn’t want to invite them, but the husband pretty much backed Studly into a corner using the age old principle of guilt. I don’t fall for guilt. Studly does.

Poor Studly. When he texted me with the news that Odd and Odder were going to be our guests for the weekend I texted back, “I’d rather eat goat sh*t.” He asked what kind of wine paired best with that. So, he brought home a nice Cabernet Sauvingnon.

Of course I turned to my Facebook friends to gripe, and they responded with wonderful suggestions: “turn off the lights and pretend you aren’t home,” “fake an illness,” “tell them you’re needed in Illinois,” etc. I honestly considered each of these as viable options. But then one friend said that I should look at this as an opportunity to gather good karma. That I should be welcoming and hospitable to this couple.

The more I thought about it the more I knew he was right. I drank that bottle of wine and opened my arms wide to Odd and Odder. I made sure I was a smiling, happy, slightly drunk hostess.

And I enjoyed Odder. Once her husband and mine left to play golf she became more normal and I realized that her oddness is, in large part, a reflection of her husband’s oddness. I’ll have to rename her. Less Odd? Slightly Odd?

Will I seek out her company in the future? Maybe. After they’d left I visited with my daughter and told her that I’d racked up some good karma this weekend. Her response: maybe Odd and Odder were payback for some bad karma I’d accumulated in the past. Damn. She’s probably right! So does my good karma cancel out any bad karma? I think I need more wine.

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

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