Thirty-eight Years of Living Dangerously

On Wednesday Studly and I will celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. Not bad considering some guests at our wedding ceremony were placing bets on our marriage not lasting more than a year. We were just kids, after all, not even out of our teens.

Like every other couple who have managed to stay together for any length of time we have experienced tremendous ups and treacherous downs, and everything in between. And yet we’ve managed to survive with relatively minor scars.

I asked Studly to tell me what he believes to be the secret to sustaining a long marriage, and after much thought (2.5 seconds) he came up with two key elements:

1. Don’t die,

2. Don’t divorce

He was serious.

I’d like to add my own thoughts, but I’m busy banging my head against a wall right now.

Peace, People!

Author: nananoyz

I'm a semi-retired crazy person with one husband and two cats.

2 thoughts on “Thirty-eight Years of Living Dangerously”

  1. talk before it becomes a fight. I learned this early on in our relationship. I was angry, and in my first marriage that meant WW3 practice skirmish, so i engaged the enemy (my soon to be husband), I revved up, presented the issue, told him he was a sorry SOB, and that everything was his fault. He said, and this is absolutely exact: “I know, I’ll do better.” How can you fight with that?? I felt horrible, he felt horrible, we never had another fight. We talk. We discuss. I am of the opinion that no infraction is worth his self esteem, and I don’t like being a bully. It’s worked for 29 years.


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