Jackson’s Project

Poppa (aka Studly Doright) and grandson, Jackson, have been busy in Poppa's shop the past couple of days. Neither Dominique nor I were allowed to participate, so we had nary a clue what might be the outcome.

Late yesterday afternoon we were rewarded with the results of their labor:

It's a miniature katana sword and display stand inspired by a YouTube video Jackson had watched. Tomorrow they're planning on constructing a sheath for the sword.

Here's what the sword was originally:

A scarred paint scraper!

Now, I wonder if they can make me a crossbow in case of a zombie apocalypse….

Peace, people!

Marketing Might be Her Middle Name

My ten-year-old granddaughter just posted her first video to YouTube. If you watch it, be sure and note her natural marketing ability at the end.  Maybe I should hire her.

I have no idea how to post something to YouTube, but I’m fairly good at pleading. Must be genetic.

Peace, people!